Thursday, April 26, 2007

Timeless Inspirations

OK, well I just finished another project and I can move on to the next. We have been backed up with web jobs right now, which is good! My latest design will be plugged into today! Michele wanted to get some updated graphics for her website that were more "scrappy" looking. Here is what I came up with from the colors she wanted me to use for the splash page logo.

This logo took me longer than usual because of all the things going on in the last month... me going to Australia, my parents being here, and Easter break. It was kind of good though because it gave me time to really think about what I wanted to do. I found myself dreaming and waking up with what I wanted it to look like. This was pretty much it but my dream was to do a clucter of prima flowers in that left hand corner... I like it much better with flourishes and the primas in smaller sizes attached to different ends of the flourishes. I did use vintage photos for the origional but Michele wanted to use some of her family which was totally ok with me. To the left is the origiona, click it to see it better...

Special thanks to for letting me use the swirly paper for this logo! Thanks Mary Fran!

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