Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

This has been a second year of changes, and we've been catching our breath to regroup!

So what are our predictions for the year, now that it is 2008?

1) Obama might be winning the primaries, and lead to become our next president;
2) Mortgage meltdown will continue to worsen and affect the economy in a big way;
3) Lots of people will be moonlighting with new web businesses and will need a place to host their website;
4) People will find and see that we have some great web hosting deals;
5) People will need to get their professional graphics and web pages done at affordable prices ($35/hr) - check out our portfolio here;
6) Other people may need to manage their databases but cannot afford a fulltime DBA, and thus will consider a remote DBA for a fraction of the price - contact David to discuss further!

Well, that's it for my predictions for the new year! Stay tuned for the results!

Until Next Time,